Drill vs Sparring – Which one is best to improve my game?

December 15, 2023

In the training room we are confronted with these two ways to improve our techniques. Let’s first understand what which one of them stands for. Drilling: Mastery begins with precision. In the realm of Jiu Jitsu, drilling is our laboratory, our haven for refining techniques to perfection. It’s where we meticulously dissect movements, ensuring our foot […]

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Channel Your Competitiveness

May 10, 2022

At RJJ, we’re all for healthy competition.​As humans we’re innately competitive. It’s what drives us to be better and pushes us beyond our perceived limits. It’s the “will to win”. Whether you’re applying for a scholarship or a job, trying to close a business deal, playing board games or finding a partner… competition is an […]

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How to set goals to progress faster in martial arts training

January 17, 2022

“The moment you put a deadline on your dream, it becomes a goal – Harsha Bhogle.  Have you asked yourself, what do you want to get out of your training this year?  It’s one thing to show up to class and go through the movements, but if you really want to improve and get the […]

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Simplifying the Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Puzzle

November 1, 2021

With thousands of existing techniques that can be studied, there’s no denying that Jiu Jitsu is a game of knowledge.  A Jiu Jitsu practitioner who has been training for just 2 months can easily out maneuver and control someone who has zero self-defense knowledge…  … And generally speaking, the practitioner who is exposed to more […]

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Mobility for BJJ. Injury Prevention

October 5, 2021

Here’s a thought: If you never serviced your car, how much sooner would it break down compared to if you did?  The human body isn’t much different. It’s a complex machine that needs to be cared for and requires maintenance.  When you train hard, you’re causing micro-tears in your muscle fibres; when you rest and […]

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New BJJ White Belt: What To Focus On

September 6, 2021

Rather than winging it, and taking each class as it comes, get an edge over other white belts by knowing what skills to focus on developing first as a beginner. This article will highlight key concepts to prioritise so you can get better, faster (and spend less time being stuck in bottom position).  ​Develop Bear […]

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