On Monday, January 18th, Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Perth celebrated the relocation to our new home. A journey that started as a small team in 2016, to officially becoming a School in 2018, and now grown to what has become a wholesome extended family. 

​It was time to expand our venue and continue our mission to empower others to be the best version of themselves.

​Led by Sensei Davi Mattos (trained under Jiu-Jitsu legend and world champion Fredson Alves), RJJ Perth has always been his dream – to create a Martial Arts school that’s accessible to everyone (no matter their age, ability, or goals), that embodies the values and traditions of the “Modern Samurai”. 

Developing Skills For Life

What is a Modern Samurai you ask? 

Martial art education is not only necessary but vital for the development of a solid society. Jiu Jitsu is a vehicle for developing human potential, where character and values are built through discipline, hard work, and respect.

We believe that the pillars of success on the mats translate to success in life – and transformation occurs when the student embodies and applies these principles. 

“Jiu-Jitsu will give confidence in yourself to become a champion not only on the mats but in your life!” – Sensei Davi Mattos

Through the discipline of Jiu Jitsu, you’re faced with reality and challenges every single day. 

Although these challenges may seem different from the ones that we deal with at home, school, or work, how we handle these situations is influenced by the same thing. 

Our response. 
How you respond to adversity/problems/challenges will determine the outcome. 
Do you stay calm and think it through before reacting? 
Get emotional and abrupt in anger? 
Let it go? 
Or do you focus, work hard and take action? 

The martial artist who is open-minded, accepting, and humble will learn through the physical, mental and emotional challenges they face in a safe and controlled environment (a Jiu Jitsu School) and carry these valuable lessons into the real world. 

For example RJJ’s Biggest Challenge

Despite the milestone of our new facility, 2020 has been a year to remember.

Problems are opportunities to grow. 

And every single hardship that our School encountered has made our team stronger. Covid was one of those hardships, and the biggest challenge our School has faced. 

​Although we were all stuck at home and physical contact training was compromised, our community remained integral to the Ribeiro 6 Blades values: Family, Respect, Honor, Discipline, Attitude, and Loyalty. 

We got set up online and ran modified Jiu Jitsu specific classes for drills, stretches, yoga, and conditioning… and through it all, we continued to train, sweat, and laugh our way through the obstacle with great spirit. 

A few words from Sensei Davi Mattos: 

It’s been humbling to see our School’s evolution and to be part of a journey that’s greater than just myself. Our new School provides a safe and authentic environment for everyone to learn, experience, and grow. 

A warm thank you to everyone – our students, parents, and the staff for your ongoing support and helping make this dream come true. The school is yours as much as it is mine so please make use of it and treat it like your home. 

Always believe in your dreams. 

There will be a lot of people bringing negativity and doubt, but if you really believe and put in the effort, everything is possible. 

​I believe that growth comes from being open-minded and sharing experiences with others. That’s why everyone is welcome to our School. I encourage our students to bring their friends, even from other Jiu Jitsu schools to train with us. 

It’s been a long journey since 2016 when it all started, but this is only the beginning – and the sky’s the limit. 

​It’s time to show the world the value of Martial Arts education by living through our actions every day and setting good examples at every level of society. 

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